Data protection at CNXT

We are committed to the highest level of data protection and support your company in continuously meeting data protection requirements. Our internal data protection processes and procedures are documented transparently.



All our employees are trained in confidentiality directly at the time of their recruitment. This commitment is repeated annually. In addition, each employee signs a confidentiality agreement upon hiring, which remains in effect even after termination of employment.

Privacy by Design

Data protection compliant conception and development. CNXT has already been designed in such a way that the platform only processes data that is required for basic functionality by default. All other functions that require additional data of the data subject must be activated by the user if they so wish.

Order processing

This agreement sets forth CNXT's obligations regarding privacy in connection with the handling of your personal information. It applies to all activities that may involve contact with personal information.

Records of processing activities

In accordance with Art 30 GDPR, a list of processing activities has been drawn up for all data processing within the framework of CNXT. This is regularly maintained and updated.

Privacy Impact Assessment

Data processing under CNXT may fall under the conditions of Art 35 GDPR. This is the case when the data processing may pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

Data protection organization

In order to achieve a high level of data protection worldwide, data protection at CNXT must be very well organized both nationally and internationally. This is ensured not only by legal requirements, but also by internal guidelines that CNXT has voluntarily introduced and implemented.

Customer information

You have the duty to inform your customers about the data processing that concerns them. You can do this in the form of an information paper in your company. You can find a sample in our service area.

Data protection checklist

Our checklist provides step-by-step instructions to help you implement CNXT in your organization in a privacy-compliant manner. To receive the checklist, simply contact us at

Requests from affected parties

Each of your customers is entitled to a number of so-called rights of data subjects. For example, you may be asked to provide information about all data processing that occurs in connection with the customer's CNXT use of the CNXT. You can find assistance in our service area.