Questions and answers about CNXT

The CNXT TrustCenter (CNXT for short) has the task of informing you in detail about data protection and data security in the context of using CNXT. In addition, we would like to use the CNXT TrustCenter in the Service area to actively support you in fulfilling the legal requirements with sample templates and checklists.

The data is secured in encrypted form on hardware specially selected for CNXT at SpaceNet AG's data center in Munich. SpaceNet AG is certified according to ISO 27001 and ensures state-of-the-art quality assurance measures as well as compliance with international standards. SpaceNet AG is a long-standing provider of online solutions and brings its experience and in-depth expertise in the field of data security to CNXT.

1. all CNXT data, i.e. all measurement results combined with further data such as subjective refraction, are stored on the provided servers at SpaceNet AG in Munich.
2. the complete data of your measurement devices and applications are still stored locally in their databases.

Yes, CNXT uses only TLS and PFS for communication.

CNXT provides user management for you as a user. Your passwords are stored cryptographically with a hash.

As a service provider of an online database we are obliged to ensure the security of your data by means of our technical measures. For this purpose, we regularly perform penetration tests to eliminate security vulnerabilities.

You can easily find this data processing contract under the Service section. There we will also inform you about changes of our subcontractors in the future.

As an optician, you are responsible for the data processing of your customers. However, we offer working support in the form of sample templates via the TrustCenter. Use the sample "Information for your customers".