CNXT Security features

We are committed to protecting you and your customers' data by using industry best practices to prevent unauthorized access. We also provide templates for all necessary documentation in our download area.


Modern Identity & Access Management

The CNXT TrustCenter helps you to meet all legal
requirements. For this purpose, you are given access to templates and templates.

Data encryption

All data sent between our customers and applications is encrypted during transmission with TLS (Transport Layer Security). Data drives on servers where customer data is stored use industry standard AES-256 encryption when idle.

Training and awareness

Our awareness program is based on the premise that safety is the responsibility of each individual. The responsibilities are defined in our internal security policy. The training and awareness program is the tool we use to communicate the responsibilities to our staff.

Records of processing activities

In accordance with Art 30 GDPR, a list of processing activities has been drawn up for all data processing within the framework of CNXT. This is regularly maintained and updated.

Security Compliance

Our security program is based on some widely accepted industry standards. We consider these certifications essential as they provide our customers with independent proof that we take security seriously. We are currently SOC 2, ISO 27001 certified.

Vulnerability Management

CNXT uses a multidimensional approach to vulnerability management that relies on a combination of automated and manual processes. We believe this is the most effective way to mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities that bypass protection mechanisms.

Product Defect Management

To make new functions available as quickly and securely as possible, we go beyond traditional quality assurance (QA) and pursue an approach we call Quality Assistance.

Product safety testing

The vulnerability management for our products includes internal and external security tests.

Security processes

The security team at CNXT collects logs from various sources within the hosting infrastructure and uses a SIEM platform to monitor and report suspicious activity. How these reports are selected, further investigated and escalated is governed by our internal processes.